The Euro unveils new Autumn menu


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Following six years in Paris working in Michelin-starred restaurants, Andrew Gunn has returned to his hometown as Executive Chef of Brisbane institutions Urbane and The Euro, joined by his fiancée, Amélie Rabaud, as Head Chef. Rabaud, who was born and raised near Toulon in southern France, has worked with Christophe Bacquie (3 Star Michelin) as well as numerous restaurants in Paris including ‘Le Taillevent’ and ‘Le Grand restaurant.’

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sample the new Autumn menu at The Euro on Monday night. Situated at 181 Mary Street in Brisbane’s CBD, right next door and sharing a kitchen with sister fine dining restaurant Urbane, The Euro is a European-style bistro with a very cosy feel.

The kitchen team bake their bread daily using 100% sourdough cultures and grow their own herbs. There’s nothing quite like fresh bread, and the smoked butter it was served with was incredible, something I’d never tried before. They also have a lengthy and impressive wines and spirits list, and can recommend a good pairing for whatever you decide to eat. 

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Entree: the honey-glazed pumpkin melted in your mouth, paired with the nuttier flavours of the hummus and Israeli couscous, and just a hint of creaminess from the ricotta. Divine. I was making sure not to leave any of the hummus behind.

DSC_0618 (2)

My main meal was the Fried Cauliflower & Potatoes with Citrus Zest, Mint, Coriander & Chipotle Sauce, and it reminded me of patatas bravas, which was one of my staple foods when I travelled in Spain – a little bit spicy, the crispy potatoes and spiced cauliflower complemented by the cool of the greens.

There were so many beautiful and substantial vegetarian options, full of perfectly balanced flavours (no bland, overpriced salads here) and staff were very attentive in catering to my food allergy as well, which is always really appreciated. The menu features Snacks, Smalls, Bigs, To Share … Or Not, and Sides, but all vegetarian options (Herbivore) were available in either entree of main size. They could also be made vegan on request.

DSC_0637 (2)

DSC_0630 (2)
‘Pina Colada’

My choice for dessert was the ‘Pina Colada’ – Pineapple Pavlova, Coconut Mousse, Lime. The dessert wine list is also extensive but I opted for an espresso (which was excellent). Besides being almost too pretty to eat, the Pina Colada was a wonderful mix of textures and flavours; a spoonful started with the crunch of the pavlova and the creaminess of the coconut mousse and finished with the gentle tartness of fresh pineapple and the sharp tang of the lime. I was torn between savouring it in small bites, and wanting to eat it all at once.

DSC_0635 (2)
Dark Sumatran Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Sorbet, Tuile

Overall, it was an exceptional way to spend an evening – the food was full of flavour without being overpowering or unnecessarily complicated, and portions were substantial enough that I didn’t leave hungry, but didn’t feel uncomfortably full. The atmosphere of the restaurant was warm and welcoming, and the service was great. And to have a restaurant with such great food and five different vegetarian (or vegan) options which all seemed significantly different from each other – exciting! I’m looking forward to going back.

You can find further information and the full menu on The Euro’s website.

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