5 Quick Questions with David Megarrity (Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot, Brisbane Festival)

Samuel Vincent (L) and David Megarrity (R) will perform Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot at Brisbane Festival’s Theatre Republic from 17-21 September.

David Megarrity is a Brisbane creative of many talents – theatre-maker, composer, musician, and writer, having won the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award 2018-2019  for his play The Holidays which will premiere as part of Queensland Theatre’s 2020 season. David is also one half of duo Tyrone and Lesley, and has written, composed for, and will perform in their upcoming show Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot. In the midst of all that, David very kindly made time to answer a few questions about the upcoming show, and about Tyrone and Lesley:

How would you describe Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot? 

It’s a ukulele and double bass duo, trying to enhance their show with special effects, which make the show special, and affecting, but not in the way they expect. It’s quite an unusual show in that it’s a bit too theatrical to be called a concert and a bit too musical to be called theatre.

How have Tyrone and Lesley evolved in their twenty years together?

Well there’s a certain kind of understanding you can only achieve onstage when you’ve been performing together for years – we have a confidence and faith in each other that can only be developed over the long time and many adventures they’ve had. Our audiences see that connection and really love it. We started off at the Sydney Opera House performing the songs of others, and now we perform our own. We’re equally at home on the stages of both music and wonderful theatre festivals like Theatre Republic.

What do you find most rewarding about this piece of work?

I love the way we weave song, screen and stagecraft in this funny little show. It’s modest in scale but reveals its secrets slowly.  It’s one of my favourite shows, of all the shows I’ve made – the work of Nathan Sibthorpe on video has made him part of the band, in a way!

This really is our twentieth year together, so it’s wonderful to be celebrating that in style with this season at the Brisbane Festival.

What should audiences expect from this performance?

It celebrates music, performance and the poetry of partnership. They’ll laugh, be surprised, and they’ll definitely walk out humming the tunes.

Who should see this show?

Having played all sorts of gigs and festivals over the years we’ve found Tyrone and Lesley have a pretty wide appeal, including family audiences, so we’re expecting the one matinee we have to sell out. It’s for lovers of cabaret, comedy, and ukuleles. If you’re into music, you’ll like it!

Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot will play at The Loft, Theatre Republic from 17-21 September. For ticketing and further information, visit the Brisbane Festival event page.

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