Shop Local: Scenic Rim Farm Box

Scenic Rim Farm Box

A group of local producers, supported by the Scenic Rim Regional Council, have launched Scenic Rim Farm Box, a new ‘farm to you’ home delivery business which will deliver the region’s best produce, products, wine and beer to your front door – making it easy to eat local every week. The first boxes are expected to be delivered in early May, filled to the brim with fresh, seasonal goods straight from Scenic Rim producers.

Scenic Rim Farm Box is designed to fill the Scenic Rim Eat Local Week gap caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Chair of the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) Mayor Greg Christensen said the service would deliver farm fresh, seasonal, quality produce and products grown or made in the Scenic Rim, would help keep jobs in the Scenic Rim, and would strengthen the region’s connection with consumers.

“As well as helping us through the current COVID-19 situation, in the longer term it strengthens our ability to connect consumers with our produce and products all year round and to provide a providore solution, connecting our region with food service and other businesses,” he said.

Scenic Rim Food Ambassador Kate Raymont and and Mayor Greg Christensen
Scenic Rim Food Ambassador Kate Raymont and Mayor Greg Christensen. Images supplied.

“Scenic Rim Farm Box will connect consumers and visitors with the people and produce of the Scenic Rim from the safety and comfort of their own homes. While sadly we cannot have Scenic Rim Eat Local Week in its usual format this year, we can have a virtual Eat Local Week instead, via Scenic Rim Farm Box. Scenic Rim Farm Box delivers a solution that heroes and celebrates our producers, our produce, our chefs and ambassadors and our community.”

The initiative will remain as a year-long, permanent offer and opens new and exciting direct supply connections between growers/producers and customers, regardless of the farm size and seasonality.

Visit the Scenic Rim Farm Box website to sign up and be first to know when the online shop goes live.


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