Review: You Don’t Know Jack + Kitty (Gogi Dance Collective)

Hero Image 1_Art-Work Agency
Imagery supplied.

The bowling green becomes a battlefield in Gold Coast based Gogi Dance Collective’s You Don’t Know Jack + Kitty, an homage to lawn bowls and its role in Australian culture and community, performed at New Farm Bowls Club as part of the Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance.

The choreography used the whole space of the bowling green and explored rivalry, tension, victory, and loss through movements inspired by the game, performed by barefoot dancers dressed in lawn bowls uniforms. The movements brought the players/dancers close to the audience and to the other side of the green, with movement in canon used to great effect. Lawn bowls and mats were also used as props, and incorporated into the choreography in interesting ways.

Sound design and performance by Guy Webster turned a game of lawn bowls into an epic standoff, and the incorporation of several ‘announcements’ including a raffle (ending with an audience participation in the bowls) as well as the genuine Bowls Club venue contributed to the feeling of being immersed in a local community event.

For more information about Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance, visit the website.

For more information about Gogi Dance Collective, visit their website.


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