Five Faves: Vegetarian Burgers

Burger Project’s Magic Mushroom burger

A good vegetarian burger can be hard to come by, but is usually all the more satisfying for it. I became a vegetarian in my early teens, and in the past decade I’ve had some pretty terrible veg burgers (and veg meals in general, as all vegos have. Chips and salad, anyone? I was once offered a garlic bread as a ‘main meal’ option).

So, I’ve done the very difficult work of eating as many Brisbane vegetarian burgers as I could, and compiled my list of favourites for when you’re craving something juicy and delicious to go with your chips.


4/27 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane (the West End end of Fish Lane)

Well and truly my favourite in Brisbane so far, and their menu is fully plant-based/vegan, made with vEEf burgersThe classic vegan cheeseburger is my personal favourite so far, but my partner (a non-vego) recently had the BFC burger and raved about it. There’s no compromise on taste or texture. You can’t go wrong with smoky vegan bacon!

Also, as someone who isn’t vegan but can’t handle a lot of milk, I haven’t had a milkshake for years and was SO excited and satisfied with their shakes, made on soy milk with coconut icecream.

(L to R) Chick’en burger, strawberry shake, Classic burger
Buffalo cauliflower sides and the BFC burger behind


1 William Street, Brisbane City

They’ve moved from their big red container on Mary Street (like everyone else in the vicinity, to make way for Cross-River Rail), but they’re still going, now at 1 William Street.

The Veggie Burger patty is bean curd and vegies, which I found to be lighter than your normal potato-based patties, with Tasty Cheese, Tomato, Garlic Aioli, Mesclun, Tomato, & Beetroot. And the chips are REAL GOOD.

I used to pick up one of these monstrous burgers on breaks from uni and sit beside the pond in the Botanic Gardens. Would definitely recommend this – their new location is equally close and convenient to the gardens (and QUT).

Veggie Burger with chips from Miel Container


Stanley Pl, South Brisbane

I was surprised to find one of my favourite veg burgers at the State Library of Queensland’s cafe. The Haloumi Burger is stacked with haloumi (obviously), rocket, tomato, beetroot, caramelised onion, avocado and bush tomato chutney. It comes with a side of coleslaw and crisps (which again, I was surprised to find went well together) and the caramelised onion and chutney really make this an unexpected winner.

Watch out if you choose to sit outside though – the ibis have no fear in coming after your chips!

Haloumi burger from State Library of Queensland’s Library Cafe


190 Oxford Street, Bulimba

1/573 Coronation Drive, Toowong

3/505 Southpine Road, Everton Park

The Roomie Haloumi – smoked portabella mushroom, haloumi, hummus, onion, lettuce and relish. Would highly recommend adding a mac & cheese patty, as I did in the burger pictured. Delicious.

They also have a variety of vegan burgers available – see their website for more details.

The Roomie Haloumi from Burger Time 69


Various locations – see website

Betty’s Shroom Burger is pretty decadent as far as veg burgers go – a fried mushroom patty stuffed with Gouda and Gruyere cheese, as well as the standard lettuce, tomato, special sauce. They’re not huge burgers, but between the crumbed, fried mushroom and the cheese, it left me in a bit of a food coma.

Betty’s Burgers’ Shroom Burger (front)

Special mentions must also go to:

Burger Project’s ‘Magic Mushroom’ – crumbed confit mushroom with cheese, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce & secret sauce.

Carraway Pier’s Vegie Delight (Kelvin Grove) – tasty vegie patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pineapple, beetroot, mayo. Reminds me of the old-school fish and chip shops I grew up with. Also, the chips there are definitely some of my favourites in Brisbane.

Boys House of Coffee Haloumi Burger (Kelvin Grove) –  big slab of avocado on top and the patty is chock-full of grated vegetables and chewy haloumi.

Haloumi Burger at Boys House of Coffee, Kelvin Grove

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