REVIEW: S**t Storm (A Very Theatre Company)


A Very Theatre Company tells a messy, close-to-home tale with plenty of toilet humour.
Lounge in a deckchair in the UQ Museum Courtyard to witness the imperfect crime unfolding in the heart of Brisbane’s bureaucracy – the Parks Maintenance department of the Brisbane City Council.
Downtrodden Council worker Lenny has a difficult time finding a cleaner for a nightmare mess in the public toilets in Majestic Park. Desperate to impress his boss, the emotionally distant Kerry, he hires his unemployed-but-optimistic friend Raylene to do the work, but it is too much for her to handle. The quick money sparks her entrepreneurial spirit, however, and with the assistance of a stranger they bump into at the park, they hatch a plan to get rich. But things get out hand very quickly when their scheme starts an internet sensation. They need to get out before Lenny’s boss realises what’s happening, and everything gets reallymessy.
The cast of four did an impressive job with distinguishing between the multiple characters each of them played, through distinct changes in mannerism as well as costume. Milk crates were the only props used, but they were used very inventively to change the stage from public park toilets, to Council offices and the local pub. The awkward relationship between Kerry and Lenny was well-played, as was the unexpectedly sweet friendship that forms between Bruce and Raylene.
The twists and turns of this play made it a really fun experience. The deckchairs were something different, and didn’t impede the view of the performance. Grab a blanket and settle in for a giggle at Brisbane’s s**ttiest criminals.
Please note: This show contains coarse language. Due to the outdoor setting, it’s advisable to either dress warmly or bring a blanket.
A Very Theatre Company will be performing S**T Storm at the Museum Courtyard, University of Queensland on May 10 & 11, 17 & 18, 24 & 25 at 6:15pm. Read more and book tickets on the event page.
Review of May 24 performance.

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