The Three Monkeys

58 Mollison Street, West End
9.30am – 11pm, everyday!

The Three Monkeys is one of my absolute favourite Brisbane haunts – a friend took me when I was sixteen and visiting Brisbane, and I fell in love with it. It’s my go-to place for coffee and cake and the first place that pops into my head when someone asks ‘where do you want to meet?’

There’s something about Three Monkeys that feels a bit like home. Wrapping two hands around the chai bowls (yes, BOWLS) will warm you up on the inside as well. In all of my many visits I had never ordered anything except cake and slice, so I decided to try the nachos – so good! I can only assume the other hot foods are equally excellent. Even with that massive plate of nachos, I still couldn’t go past some of the chocolate mint slice…

There are always things to look at up on the wall, from signed pictures of the Queensland Ballet and old movie posters to advertisements for upcoming events. The low-lit interior makes everything feel cozy and snug, but there’s also a big sunny garden out the back if you prefer to soak up the sun with your coffee. It’s often quite busy on weekends, but not in a rushed or unpleasant way – more like an over-crowded living room. Families can comfortably eat and drink between artists scribbling in sketchbooks, friends catching up, couples on dates…there’s a space for everyone. Maybe I’ll see you there soon!

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