What’s On: Utopias (Australian String Quartet)

Image credit: Jacqui Way


19 May 2023

Queensland Conservatorium Theatre

The Australian String Quartet (ASQ) brings an imaginative and moving musical journey to Brisbane audiences during their national tour of Utopias. The Utopias programme features a carefully curated selection of works that explore the themes of imagined worlds and inner reflections, showcasing the ASQ’s virtuosity and musical and emotional depth.

The ensemble will perform works by Shostakovich, Mozart, and the incredible contemporary British composer Thomas Adès.

“We absolutely adore this program,” says violinist Dale Barltrop. “Each work carries immense emotional weight and yet reflects the sublime, intangible quality of the universe in all its beauty and mystery.”

The concert opens with Thomas Adès’ Arcadiana, which Barltrop says is “a modern masterpiece—seven movements that each offer a glimpse into a Utopian vision—drawing inspiration from art, music and the natural world.”

Following this, the ASQ steps back to 1783 with Mozart’s String Quartet No.15 in D minor. “This is perhaps one of Mozart’s finest quartets,” says Barltrop, “in which he evokes the bliss and heartache of love and loss.”

Finishing the program is Dmitri Shostakovich’s deeply personal String Quartet No.9 in E-flat Major—a work that takes the listener into realms of unabashed exuberance, optimism and everywhere in-between—providing an edge-of-your-seat finale to this concert.

For ticketing and further information, visit the ASQ website

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