What’s On: Urinetown: The Musical (Phoenix Ensemble)

Urinetown: The Musical

5 – 27 May 2023 (every Friday and Saturday)

Phoenix Ensemble, Beenleigh Showgrounds, James Street, Beenleigh

“I know it’s not the best name, but don’t let that put you off. It’s just a town, like any other, except for the name, of course,” says Little Sally Two Shoes, one of Urinetown’s narrators.

Phoenix Ensemble proudly presents Urinetown: The Musical every Friday and Saturday in May, a musical comedy about a dystopian future where a water shortage leads to a rebellion against an oppressive toilet monopoly… complete with romance, family secrets, and the constant question: What is Urinetown?

Director Hayley Gervais said that Urinetown is a unique piece of theatre with a comedic plot line and catchy music that will keep the audience laughing and humming along, even if they’ve never seen the show before.

“Not only does it keep the audience entertained, but Urinetown‘s thought-provoking themes make viewers think about pressing social issues and what we can do to solve them. I think Phoenix’s production is unique simply due to the intimacy of the space making the experience more immersive and captivating for audiences,” Ms Gervais said. She added that she was drawn to Urinetown by its “incredibly clever, witty and surprisingly sophisticated humour”.

“The satire, through its exaggerated elements, speaks to our cultural fixation on financial gain and privilege. Through the lens of the show, it’s easy to see how we have accepted the hoarding of resources by those with more money, while those with less get treated unfairly,” Ms Gervais said. “Urinetown: The Musical encourages us to question this and to consider what can be done to improve these circumstances. Ultimately, it’s a show that looks back on where we are now, as a society, and what could be changed for a better tomorrow.”

A cast of local talent and live orchestra will bring this work to the stage. The show draws on a wide range of musical influences, from gospel to jazz to pop, and musical theatre lovers will enjoy the quirky pastiche of styles.

For ticketing and further information, visit the Phoenix Ensemble website

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