What’s On: SHE (indelabilityarts, PIP Theatre, The Good Room & Metro Arts)


3 – 13 May 2023

New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts, West End

Content warning: There may be mentions of suicide, self-harm, adult content, mild coarse language. Recommended for audiences aged 15+.

What’s going on with women’s mental health in the wake of the pandemic, the #metoo movement, floods, fires, wars, a divided political scene, and toxic social media landscape? That’s the weighty question being posed in SHE, a new work by indelabilityarts, an inclusive theatre company that provides opportunities for artists who identify as having a disability.

SHE (See us, Hear us, Engage with us) examines women’s collective mental wellbeing in a post-me-too, post-pandemic world led by Amy Ingram from The Good Room, and created by curating hundreds of real-life stories of women’s experiences over the past few years.

Three emerging writers, who identify as having a disability, worked on the show, including award-winner Karen Lee Roberts, under the mentorship of writers from Playlab. The show explores the tough topics from all angles, distilling the personal impacts of our recent shared history into an insightful and original 90-mintue show.

Catarina Hebbard, Co-Artistic Director of indelabilityarts, said the show aimed to extend the conversation around women’s mental health. “SHE is a work that reflects the vital conversations that are happening right now, in this very moment. Join us for an incredible night that will raise thought-provoking questions and challenge perceptions around mental health,” Hebbard said.

Jo Thomas, CEO and Artistic Director of Metro Arts said: “We are so proud of the women behind indelabilityarts and the incredible work they’ve done creating this company. Their work is smart, inclusive and surprising.”

For ticketing and further information, visit the Metro Arts website

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