What’s On: Murder Village: An Improvised Whodunnit

Murder Village: An Improvised Whodunnit

20 – 21 May 2023

Brisbane Powerhouse Rooftop Terrace

Following critically acclaimed sell-out runs in Melbourne and Sydney, Murder Village: An Improvised Whodunnit returns to Brisbane for the first time in seven years at this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival.

First created for a season at the Spring Hill Reservoir in 2016, this Agatha Christie-style improvised show sees a new cosy mystery made up on the spot for each performance. The skilled cast includes Melbourne performers Lliam Amor, Amy Moule, and Jason Geary performing alongside local talent from the popular Brisbane improv group ImproMafia.

“We are thrilled to be returning to Queensland for our first season since 2016,” said director David Massingham. “Get ready to give your little grey cells a workout, Brisbane.”

In Murder Village, the local police inspector may be incompetent but thankfully there is always an amateur sleuth on hand to sort the red herrings from the tell-tale clues. Any of the village’s suspicious denizens could be dispatched at any moment, and any of them could be the murderer. It’s your secret ballot votes that determine who lives, who dies, and who will be unmasked as the culprit.

Each show’s plot uses the audience’s suggestions as inspiration, ensuring no two performances will be the same. The audience votes for each show’s murder weapon, victim and murderer by secret ballot. As such, mystery lovers get to have their say while still enjoying the chance to try to solve the crime themselves.

“For an hour, audiences live inside an Agatha Christie novel they’ve never read,” Massingham said. “It’s just the place to
meet vicars, retired generals, village fete committee members and amateur sleuths with a knack for solving murders.”

For ticketing and further information, visit the Brisbane Comedy Festival website

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