What’s On: Power, Language and Love – A Cabaret (Laura Fois & Fringe Brisbane)

Vivien Wood, Laura Fois, and Nykita O’Keeffe. Image supplied.

Power, Language and Love – A Cabaret

4 – 6 November 2022

PIP Theatre, Milton

Power, Language and Love is a light-hearted cabaret in three acts that recognises and celebrates everyday struggles in the lives of three women. Starring Laura Fois, Vivien Wood and Nykita O’Keeffe, the cabaret also approaches, in an amusing way, CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) issues and common stereotypes in immigrants’ lives, drawing on Fois’ Italian heritage to narrate what it is like to be an Italian in Australia, and hinting at how Italian immigrants are often perceived.

The project comprises a full female performing and production team and aims to celebrate differences and individuality, giving women a chance to tell their stories. Directed by Debbie Taylor and accompanied by Kim Mc, the show narrates the problems of communication, search for self-value and self-acceptance using anecdotes, jokes and songs ranging from classic pop to the newest musical theatre tunes.

Who are we powerful for? How can we fit in if we are the ones that talk funny? And is love worth losing our sense of self? The performers of this show tell their stories in a bid, not just to amuse, but to suggest how “flaws” is just another noun to indicate uniqueness, and that accepting and celebrating themselves is the first step to self-love.

Vivien Wood, Laura Fois, and Nykita O’Keeffe. Image supplied.

Producer and performer Laura Fois said, “The idea started with me telling a bit of my story. I talk of what is like to make a performance career in a foreign country. When you come from somewhere where the native language is not English things can be funny… and complicated. My “Language” act is about communication, lost in translations and dialogue. We talk about what is like to be an Italian in Australia, what all the virtues and defects of our Latin culture.”

Fois added: “Power, Language and Love is what you get when you put together a bombshell in search for her power (Vivien Wood), an Italian totally lost in translations (Laura Fois) and a tiger looking for love (Nykita O’Keeffe). You know, women should be powerful, as long as they’re not intimidating. Women should love themselves, as long as they can find a husband. And of course, communication for a woman is very important, which might be quite of an issue if you do not understand the language that well.”

For ticketing and further information, visit the Fringe Brisbane website

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