What’s On: Adrift (Counterpilot & Metro Arts)


9 – 19 November 2022

Metro Arts, West End

Warnings: Active Participation, Adult Themes, Coarse Language, Periods of darkness, Sexual References, Haze / smoke effects, Loud Noises, Special Effects (Bubbles), Special Effects (Water), Strobe Lighting Effects, Use of Headphones.

Become part of the story with this interactive theatre experience exploring human loneliness in aquatic environments. Created by Metro Arts’ 2022 Company in Residence, Countrepilot, Adrift brings audience members together to reveal fantastical true stories about playful dolphins, lonely whales, and remote lighthouses.

With an immersive sound design, audiences will be guided to become storytellers and co-create detailed worlds by manipulating objects and filling in the blanks as part of an interweaving mystery. Adrift explores feelings of isolation and our fraught relationship with nature in the face of a potential mass extinction event. Part mystery, part game, participants are provided instructions through headsets to bring life to a story.

For ticketing and further information, visit the Metro Arts website

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