What’s On: Shadows of Love: A Triptych (The Curators Theatre)

Eleonora Ginardi, photographed by Naz Mulla

Shadows of Love: A Triptych

13 October – 6 November 2022

Christ Church, Milton

Suitable for audiences aged 15+

In the final offering of their 2022 season, The Curators’ Theatre Company presents a noir cabaret in which song, dance, and drama collide to explore the dark side of love.

Presented as part of the inaugural Fringe Brisbane festival, Shadows of Love: A Triptych includes three short plays which explore the dark undercurrents of relationships when resentment, cruelty, and revenge erupt in acts of defiance and bids for freedom. Weaving through these short works, set against the backdrop of 1950s Australia, are great songs from the era performed by chanteuse Chelsea Burton.

Caroline Sparrow, photographed by Naz Mulla

Mrs Thally F by John Romeril 

Directed by Lisa Hickey, featuring Sherri Smith, Bronwyn Naylor, Julie Berry and Vivien Whittle 

Real-life double-murderer, Yvonne Fletcher, lives for the Saturday night social with its chance to perform and promise of romance. She loses herself in dreams of swirls and twirls, flattering frocks, dashing young men, and bodies clasped together in firm embraces.  

In her narrow life, the heady, sexually charged excitement of the dance hall butts up against the drudgery, dullness, compromise and occasional violence at home. She spends her days in a dangerous mixture of escapist longing and murderous intent… with dire consequences. 

Trifles by Susan Glaspell, adapted by Helen Strube 

Directed by Helen Strube, featuring Eleonora Ginardi and Caroline Sparrow 

In the Wright’s isolated, gloomy farmhouse, two women, Mrs Hale and Mrs Peters, attend the scene of a grisly crime. A ruined jar of preserves. A piece of quilt. Sugar spilt on the counter. A broken birdcage. Small, incidental trifles reveal the devastating impact one partner can have on the other throughout a lifetime of accumulated hurts and crushing confinement.  

As the women encounter the insignificant artefacts of Minnie Wright’s life, they come to know her and her circumstances and must, in turn, make a decision that questions their own moral convictions and interpretation of justice.  

Adapted from Susan Glaspell’s stunning 1916 play, Trifles is a mesmerising portrayal of the shared lives and hardships of rural women and their deep bonding in the face of violence. Set amongst the spinifex, ghost gums, and Coolamon trees of the Australian outback, Trifles explores consciousness-raising amongst women, moral courage, empathy and respect for the value of women’s lives. 

The Stronger by August Strindberg, adapted by The Curators

Directed by Helen Strube, featuring Lisa Hickey and Caroline Sparrow 

Christmas Eve. Two women. A chance encounter in a cafe. Written in 1889 by Swedish playwright August Strindberg for his experimental theatre project, The Stronger is a short, taut piece in which a betrayed wife confronts her husband’s mistress of many years.  

Traditionally a monodrama and arguably one of the most enigmatic plays in Strindberg’s career, The Stronger spotlights two women whose lives are defined by a man, absent yet very present in their encounter. In this re-imagining of Strindberg’s original work, we examine the impact of steady and unstinting deception, of disappointment and of lessons learned.  

In a clash between hierarchy and autonomy, denial, guilt, women’s agency and self-esteem ricochet around the mid-century tea-room.  

For ticketing and further information, visit The Curators’ Theatre website

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