Big Fork Theatre Fundraiser: Make Brisbane Comedy Accessible

Local comedy institution and not-for-profit Big Fork Theatre has launched a fundraising effort to help make their new venue fully accessible for audiences and performers.  

Every donation over $2 is tax deductible and, with the help of the Plus1 Program, every donation will be maximised through dollar-for dollar fund-matching.  

After producing weekly sold out shows in Brisbane since 2015 and growing to become the biggest improv company in Queensland, Big Fork Theatre are taking the plunge and opening their own permanent home. Sporting a theatre and classroom to deliver more of their award-winning comedy and popular training program, it offers a great opportunity to build an accessible space from the ground up.  

Funds raised will be dedicated to costs including accessibility assessment, accessible entrances/doors, signage for visually impaired people, installing a hearing loop, and building a stage that’s physically accessible for disabled performers.  

“Big Fork Theatre’s mission is that anyone can be funny, and that anyone can perform,” said Rosa Sottile, the Big Fork Theatre Director spearheading this fundraiser. “Unfortunately, it’s hard in Brisbane to find smaller venues that are  accessible not just for audiences, but for performers as well. This fundraiser will help us provide a fitted out space that’s fully accessible to patrons and performers right from the start.”  

“We are seeking $10,000 in donations from local companies. With the Plus1 Program from the Australian Cultural Fund doubling every tax deductible donation, you can help us achieve our goal. Don’t limit Brisbane’s comedy potential, help make comedy accessible now.” 

Donations can be made until 21 May 2021 on the Australian Cultural Fund fundraising platform, and every donation is appreciated.  

Click here to view the fundraiser and to make a donation

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