Defying Convention (Mitchell Fine Art)

Janelle Stockman Oct 2009 (3mb)

Defying Convention

Exhibition of work by Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri

29 April – 6 June 2020

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery, 86 Arthur Street, Fortitude Valley

Blurring any preconceived notions of Aboriginal Art, Central Australian artist Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri was known for her innovative and experimental approach to painting. The works in this exhibition are from the last period of her oeuvre and are testament to how she depicted the spirit of place. Inspired by country, this exhibition is an explosion of colour and a celebration of a young, unique, contemporary artist pushing the boundaries of Aboriginal Art from Central Australia.

Defying Convention April 2020 (9a)

Painting from the early 2000’s Napaltjarri’s approach to colour, composition and form was new and completely self-taught. With a passion for colour and experimentation Napaltjarri’s artworks were a response to country, the spirit of place and an expression of self rather than the depiction of that country. Her technique cast a different light on traditional Aboriginal painting.

“I paint from inside, how I’m feeling,” Napaltjarri explained. With gestural spontaneity Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri blazed her own trail when it came to painting.

Defying Convention April 2020 (1a)

Based in Utopia, 300kms north east of Alice Springs in Central Australia, Janelle was surrounded and encouraged by some of Australia’s most successful artists. Her paternal grandfather was Billy Stockman, one of the original members of the early Papunya Tula artists. Dividing her time between Utopia and the remote communities of Hermannsburg and Papunya, Napaltjarri was exposed to the vast differences in artistic styles from Central Australia and was undoubtedly inspired to create her own. Sadly, Napaltjarri passed away in 2009 in an accident at the age of 29.

A16244 92.5x122 1

Mitchell Fine Art continues to operate Monday to Friday 10am – 5.30pm and Saturdays by appointment. The gallery is a large venue and there is ample room to view exhibitions safely. The gallery staff are practising safe social interaction and ask that if you are unwell please do not visit. For those that are unable to visit Mitchell Fine Art offers virtual exhibition tours via FaceTime or Zoom, please contact the gallery for more information.

For more information, or to view the exhibition online, visit the Mitchell Fine Art Gallery website.


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