Review: Hold My Beer (Half Hitch)

Three circus artists and two musicians walk into a bar…and they put on a great show!

Exploring the ups and downs of a memorable (or not, depending on how much you drank) night of drinking and debauchery, Hold My Beer was part circus show, part musical comedy, and entirely entertaining. The performance featured a medley of pub ballad favourites as well as several original songs, including a pledge to the designated drivers of the world and a breakdown of the different people you’re sure to encounter on a big night out.

The show was fast-paced but transitioned smoothly between segments, and the performers kept the energy in the room high and the audience clapping along or even participating in the show.

The circus artists were impressively strong and energetic, and despite a few dropped hoops or overbalances they performed incredible feats of strength and balance as a trio, as well as handstands, tumbles, and some work with juggling and hula hoops. Each of them brought their own distinctive personality to the stage as well, and there was great rapport and obvious trust between the three of them. Both musicians played multiple instruments, including the trumpet and the accordion, with considerable skill, and even joined in for a few of the circus balancing acts.

Hold My Beer successfully balances incredible circus feats with music, comedy, and relatable storytelling to capture a very specific but almost universal experience. The artists have created a high-energy but sweetly nostalgic audience experience that will leave you with a smile on your face, reflecting on your own memories of big nights out on the town – friendships found and strengthened, lovers met and forgotten, songs sung at the top of your lungs…and maybe a handstand or somersault attempted.

Review of May 22 performance, by Elise Lawrence.

Half Hitch will perform Hold My Beer at Bloodhound Bar in Fortitude Valley from May 21-23. More information is available on the event page.


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