REVIEW: Frankie & Sal in Molten Rage (Electric Fish Arts Company)


Frankie & Sal in Molten Rage is a short, sweet comedy about reading the fine print.
Frankie & Sal in Molten Rage is another instalment in the nine-part series created and performed by Bec Redsell and Daria Smith. The creators have stated that the stories are not necessarily chronological, and I certainly didn’t feel like I was missing anything by not having seen the previous ‘episodes’ – Molten Rage was a delightfully whimsical adventure by itself, and skilfully presented.
Frankie is a dour realist-bordering-on-pessimist (think Daria with less biting comebacks) and Sal is always looking on the bright side of life. The program casts Frankie and Sal as two best friends, but their onstage relationship dynamic has more of an older-and-younger-sister, or mum-and-daughter feel as Sal tries to keep Frankie out of trouble, with little success.
In Molten Rage, Frankie’s attempts to manage her anger result in her letting Lava out of his volcano. Now the floor is going to become lava, and Frankie & Sal must devise a plan, including testing their lava boots on the audience (patent pending), and preparing for a climactic confrontation.
Absurdist British comedy The Mighty Boosh is a clear influence in this work, from the interplay of the two characters to the combined styles of audience-interactive stand-up comedy, as well as the absurdist storyline and use of props. The same offbeat sense of humour holds the show together, but Frankie & Sal bring their own style to this type of comedic storytelling. Lava was a really fun villain, and Frankie and Sal were both easily relatable characters that felt very authentic. All three performers had a strong stage presence.
Grab a cocktail from Junk Bar’s extensive list and settle in for a giggle as Frankie & Sal do their best to save the world.
Warnings: Due to the venue being a bar, this show is 18+.
Frankie & Sal in Molten Rage is showing at Junk Bar, Ashgrove, on May 16, 19 & 20 at 7pm and 4pm (but come early and grab yourself a cocktail from Junk Bar’s extensive list). Read more and book tickets on their event page. 
Review of May 16 performance.


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