REVIEW: A Star Wars Story (The Good Time Boys)

Image credit: Aimi Hobson


Better than legendary composer John Williams? The Good Time Boys present a night of sketch comedy as Australian as a Bunnings sausage sizzle. The show had much less to do with Star Wars than you might expect, but it was a hilarious, messy night of self-aware sketch comedy.
Disney owns, or will own, everything we love, and Mr Disney-Man is looking to acquire The Good Time Boys, Brisbane’s self-proclaimed 10th best comedy group. But first, they have to prove they’ve got what it takes.

Poking fun at hostile corporate takeovers, Australian culture, QUT invigilators, and themselves, The Good Time Boys made full use of the performance space, joining the audience and entering the stage from all directions. Each cast member brought a distinct presence and personality to the stage, and the trust and chemistry within the group was obvious as they executed absurdist skits, all-in physical comedy, and some dramatic rants that would have made John Cleese proud.
The longest sketch focused on a feud between QUT’s examination invigilators and two students they suspected of cheating, reminiscent of a 90’s underdog sports movie (complete with intense training montage). This piece could potentially have been a full-length show in itself, but ended abruptly – the final result is never seen, and the audience was left wondering who won the cricket game on which everything hinged?!
The final sketch was shown as a video and, although it was clear why this was necessary for the particular skit, the setting up of the screen and the change in pace broke the flow of the high-energy onstage antics. A break in character during the Invigilators Incorporated skit had a similar effect, but the cast were so clearly enjoying the performance that it did little to detract from the experience overall.
With all the professionalism of two kids in a trench coat and the charisma of a cursed Bunnings snag man, The Good Time Boys have created a series of independently entertaining sketches, strung together with crude humour, excellent physical comedy, and fabulous group chemistry. May the Force be with them.
The Good Time Boys: A Star Wars Story is showing at The Daily Planet, Fortitude Valley, on May 10, 11 & 14 at 6.30pm. Read more on their event page, find them on Facebook, or watch them on YouTube.
Review of May 14 performance.

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