B+C Lab

Where? 31 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove
When? 7am-8pm, Monday to Saturday. Closed Sundays.
There’s a new kid on the block in Kelvin Grove, and they are serving up sweet treats and Japanese teas to die for.

Lovely, proper matcha is something that I missed when I returned from Japan last February, and I haven’t really found it in Brisbane before now (although if you have suggestions, please do share!)

As you approach the cafe, it’s almost difficult to tell if they’re open, but you’ll be welcomed into the aircon (ahhhh) with a smile. It was a boiling Brisbane summer day when we went in and the barista, Jake, was amazingly friendly and helpful – he knows his stuff, and can tell you a lot about your cuppa.

We took a seat upstairs – there’s a cute lil’ nook if you prefer to sit/kneel. Décor is cute and minimalist, and there are nice little messages painted onto the walls (“Have a nice day,” recommends the wall above the self-serve water station).

The only potential detriment to the concrete, industrial décor is the acoustics – if people are talking loudly, or it’s crowded upstairs, it can be hard to hear yourself think. So, keep your own volume in mind when you’re chatting 😊
The desserts are a bit pricey (7 or 8 dollars a slice for the crepe cakes). We tried the matcha crepe cake and holy moly – it was delicious but so, so rich. I’d recommend sharing a slice with a friend, it has a very strong matcha flavour which is amazing but I could hardly eat the whole piece (I did though, of course…). If you’re not into matcha, they also have chocolate crepe cake (on my to-do list!) and strawberry-almond tarts, among other sweet treats, as well as some salads and savoury items.

Excellent tea and coffee, lovely staff and a nice, cool atmosphere – B+C Lab is the perfect place to beat the Brisbane summer heat.

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