Launch of Sky Climb @ Sky Zone MacGregor

544 Kessels Rd, MacGregor
Sky Climb at MacGregor Sky Zone is now open, and we were lucky to be among the first to experience it. It was certainly a challenge, but heaps of fun and very rewarding.

Assisted by the incredible friendly and supportive team (the “Climb Ministers”), we tested out the thirteen unique climbing walls, from climbing a beanstalk to chasing lava and defying gravity without handholds on mega steps.
Perhaps one of the most exciting challenges is the Sky Drop – get kitted out in a skydiving suit and helmet, grab hold of the handlebars and be slowly raised up the slide until you are 6 metres up…then let go, freefall and slide all the way down!
One hour of climbing is $16 per person (plus an extra $5 if you want to brave the Sky Drop) and can be combined with other activities such as Jumping at Sky Zone and Laser Tag. Parties for kids and adults can also be booked from $30.


You must be at least 5 years old and 110cm tall to climb, but apart from that this is an activity for everyone! We were almost total beginners, having climbed once or twice before. The staff gave a very easy, comprehensive safety demo and they were there if we needed any help – from unclipping your carabiner to encouraging you to climb just that little bit higher. The space caters to both adults and children and it’s up to you how hard or high you can go!

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