What’s On: Hold Me Closer Tony Danza (The Farm & Metro Arts)

Hold Me Closer Tony Danza

24 – 28 January 2023

New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts, West End

Recommended for audiences aged 18+

A commonly misheard song lyric contains a deeper proposition about how we form meaning and a provocation that perhaps our understanding of the world is intrinsically flawed. Presented by Metro Arts, Hold Me Closer Tony Danza challenges audiences to a dance-off in an unorthodox dance-theatre experience.

Created by Kate Harman, Michael Smith, Gavin Webber & Anna Whitaker, and performed by Kate Harman & Michael Smith, this immersive dance-theatre work by The Farm asks the audience to select a side, show their true colours, and get ready to dance-off as if their lives depend on it. There is no right or wrong, only dance.

Deeply seductive with a satirical edge, Hold Me Closer Tony Danza subverts pop sensibilities to confront our modern life. In a world driven by information overload, how we can still connect with each other when we feel so far apart? Reflecting a post-truth world and a modern minefield of potential misrepresentations, Hold Me Closer Tony Danza attempts to reconcile an awkward reality through a partnered choreography of discomfort, lack of coordination, and inappropriate dynamics.

For ticketing and further information, visit the Metro Arts website

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