What’s On: The Bluff (The Drawer Productions)

Sandra Harman as Esther and Pip Boyce as Mary, photographed by Felix Lovell.

The Bluff

3 – 5 November 2022

Hayward Street Theatre, 57 Hayward St, Stafford

The Drawer Productions presents the premiere of a new Australian Gothic work by Brisbane playwright Ada Lukin as part of Fringe Brisbane.

A man is missing. Do you save face or face the town?

Hidden in a seaside town at the bottom of Australia, a community shuffles through the days, each the same as the last. The ladies gather in the tearoom of the church charity-shop as their familiar world whirls around them like clockwork. 

Tom Pocilujko as John and Ray, Paul Adams as Matthew and Priest, photographed by Felix Lovell.

When the pillar of the town, Charles Fortsmith, goes missing, his wife is left to face the community he left behind. She must decide between hope and truth, undeterred by the watchful eye of righteous neighbours.

Watch as the salty air erodes the town’s comfortable facade, and the grotesque underbelly is revealed; an examination of what we bury to be part of something bigger than ourselves. 

For ticketing and further information, click here

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