What’s On: Why Young Men Run at 2am (Ad Astra)

Why Young Men Run at 2am

6 – 22 October 2022

Ad Astra, Fortitude Valley

Terry Schmidt Jr, a travelling pawn shop salesman for Schmidt’s Pawn and Laundry, finds himself working his way down the east coast of Australia.

‘TJ’ is becoming more and more infatuated with this lifestyle as the months sail on. He’s in with the wind one minute, and gone with the next.

The women, the drink… responsibilities only seem to be a construct at the best of times. This all comes to a careening halt when he learns that his father, Terry Schmidt Sr., owner and operator of Schmidt’s Pawn and Laundry, has disappeared without a trace. Terry Jr is forced to trudge his way back up to Brisbane and, with the help of some colourful characters, help get to the bottom of his father’s disappearance.

Written and directed by Matilda Award-winning Queensland actor and director, Pierce Gordon, Ad Astra present the premiere of this dark comedy, starring Aurelie Roque, Lachlan Engeler, Caitlin Hill and Tom Coyle. Why Young Men Run at 2am will be produced by Ad Astra’s Astra Nova youth and scriptwriting division, which is led by Pierce Gordon and supports their youth theatre program and scriptwriting team.

For ticketing and further information, visit the Ad Astra website

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