What’s On: Franck Gohier exhibition, Soup Cans (Mitchell Fine Art)

Soup Cans

9 August – 3 September 2022

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery, Fortitude Valley

Darwin-based artist Franck Gohier returns to Mitchell Fine Art with an exhibition of artworks that explores his interests in appropriation and iconoclasm. Born in France but raised in and identifying as Australian, Franck has always been intrigued with concepts of identity. Utilising Andy Warhol’s Soup Can imagery, Gohier ponders the concept of identity: Can we identify en masse by our cuisine? What if Warhol grew up in Northern Australia?

Franck Gohier has an extensive portfolio as a painter, sculptor, and printmaker. His artwork is steeped in his political and social consciousness and his work is a genuine response to lived experience and knowledge of Northern Australia – its people and natural environment, significant political and cultural events, and social history.

For further information, visit the Mitchell Fine Art website

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