What’s On: The Ugly One (Allentertainment)

The Ugly One

1 – 9 July 2022

PIP Theatre, 20 Park Road, Milton

Independent theatre company Allentertainment will present a one-act comedy by German playwright Marius Von Mayenburg, translated by Maja Zade, in Brisbane’s newest theatre venue.

Directed by Calum Johnston, The Ugly Ones confronts what it means to be beautiful: Lette is a successful engineer who is also considered unspeakably ugly. When a plastic surgeon restructures his face, he emerges from the operation an Adonis. His life changes overnight: women lust after him and men want to be him. But his dream life soon becomes a nightmare when his surgeon begins to offer the same face to anyone who will pay.

“This is a truly exciting venture for us, to have the opportunity to bring such a socially relevant show to Brisbane as the first production in PIP Theatre,” said Harrison Allen, Artistic Director of Allentertainment and producer of The Ugly One.

Please note that strobe lighting effects will be used during this performance.

For ticketing and further information, visit the PIP Theatre website

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