What’s On: Brilliant Traces (Ad Astra)

Brilliant Traces

16 June – 8 July 2022

Ad Astra Theatre, 57 Misterton St, Fortitude Valley

Fiona Kennedy will direct Brilliant Traces, by Cindy Lou Johnson, for Ad Astra this June and July.

In a remote cabin in the wilds of Alaska, as a blizzard rages outside, Henry Harry, lies sleeping. Suddenly, he is awakened by the insistent knocking of an unexpected visitor — Rosannah DeLuce, a distraught young woman who has fled all the way from Arizona to escape her impending marriage, bursts into the cabin dressed in full bridal regalia. Exhausted, she throws herself on Henry’s mercy, but after sleeping for two days straight, her vigour—and combativeness—return. Both characters have been wounded and embittered by life, and both are refugees from so-called civilization. Thrown together in the confines of the snowbound cabin, they alternately repel and attract each other as they explore the pain of the past and, in time, consider the possibilities of the present.

For ticketing and further information, visit the Ad Astra website

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