What’s On: Mother, Country, Tjukurrpa exhibition (Mitchell Fine Art)

Images supplied by Mitchell Fine Art

Mother, Country, Tjukurrpa

1 Feb – 5 March 2022

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery, Fortitude Valley

The symbiotic relationships between tradition, culture, family, and connection to country feature in this exhibition of paintings and sculpture illustrating the connections in Aboriginal society between the land, tradition, and their defining dreaming stories or ‘Tjukurrpa’.

Tjukurrpa refers to the creation period and the origins of country, objects, songs, and stories. Each artwork illustrates a personal connection between the artist and the story of cultural significance that they are conveying. Artists featured include Lorna Fencer Napurrula, Tommy Watson, Kudditji Kngwarreye, Barney Ellaga and Patrick Tjungurrayi.

Showcasing artworks reflecting ancient relationships in a contemporary setting, the exhibition highlights the diversity in Australian Aboriginal art, stemming from a culture that can be traced back over sixty-five thousand years. The exhibition is a visual portrayal of how Aboriginal art has evolved in a contemporary setting and is not confined or constrained by its traditional cultural form.

Aboriginal people have maintained traditional stories and lore through over the millennia through dance, ceremony, and verbal means. Through their paintings, Aboriginal artists provide another method of storytelling and cultural maintenance to convey knowledge, tradition, and history. Aboriginal art is a dynamic, influential, and compelling artform that invites the use of intuition and personal perception in mark making and visual storytelling. 

For further information, or to view the exhibition online, visit the Mitchell Fine Art website

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