What’s On: Leaves of Glass (The X Collective)

Leaves of Glass

8 – 30 April 2022

Brisbane Latvian Hall, 24 Church Ave, Woolloongabba

On the surface, Steven has everything. A beautiful wife, a successful business, a brand new home. But beneath the glittering veneer lies a monstrous secret…

Philip Ridley’s Leaves of Glass is a play about two brothers and the hold that the past and memory has on them. Haunted by the death of his father and a car accident involving a young child, Steve finds his life unraveling and his pregnant wife unable to comprehend his pain and sense of loss.

Aidan O’Donnell, Sandra Harman and Pierce Gordon rehearse Leaves of Glass. Image supplied.

Wayne McPhee directs The X Collective’s production of this dark, disturbing, and deeply human drama that shifts between elegy for the past and a chilling exploration of the power of loss and grief.

Click here for ticketing and further information

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