What’s On: Ngale Sisters exhibition (Mitchell Fine Art)

Imagery supplied by Mitchell Fine Art

Ngale Sisters – Polly, Kathleen & Angelina

7 April – 8 May 2021

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery, Fortitude Valley

Soft pastel hues and multiple layers of colourings form the common thread in an Aboriginal art exhibition by the dynamic artistic sister trio Polly, Kathleen, and Angelina Ngale. Created between 2008 and 2010, this exhibition showcases the artistic expression and cultural knowledge of the three sisters and includes the majestic 195 x 294cm ‘Anwekety (Bush Plum Dreaming)’ painting by octogenarian Polly Ngale. 

Imagery supplied by Mitchell Fine Art

Utopia is the traditional land of the Alyawarre and Anmatyerre Aboriginal people, located 230kms north east of Alice Springs in Central Australia. This region is home to some of Australia’s most distinguished female artistic talents, including the Ngale sisters. Living and creating in the remote landscape of Australia’s central desert, their paintings share knowledge as they portray depictions of country and important flora and fauna. Each of the paintings evoke a sense of country, its importance, and the artists’ intimate knowledge of the natural and cultural elements of traditional Aboriginal life.

Imagery supplied by Mitchell Fine Art

The modern art movement in Utopia began in the late 1970s with a group of Anmatyerre women participating in a series of batik-making fabric workshops. Starting their respective painting journeys in the 1980’s, the Ngale sisters rose to prominence over the subsequent years as artists of great ability and influence. Their paintings have been exhibited and collected extensively within Australia and overseas.  

For more information, visit the Mitchell Fine Art website

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