Review: After Hours: Singalong (Big Fork Theatre)

Big Fork Singalong - Guide

Big Fork Theatre present late-night laughs and the chance to bust out your karaoke favourites with After Hours: Singalong as part of Brisbane Comedy Festival – an improvised sketch show based on a set list of classic belters.

The audience sang along with enthusiasm to tunes from Grease!, Wheatus, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and The Wiggles, with a live band playing the music and the lyrics projected onto the wall behind the stage. The onstage cast sang along with equal enthusiasm. Following each singalong, the Master of Ceremonies, Big Fork co-founder Cameron Watson, dictated a rough outline or prompt based on lyrics from the songs – sometimes broad, sometimes very specific – and the cast improvised sketches from there.

A rotating cast keeps things fresh for each performance, with equal gender representation in every show. The eight performers kept the audience giggling with sketches about a mountaintop proposal, a solar system romance, a pair of star-crossed dock workers, and a family legacy of potatoes, among other things, on the night that we attended. Commitment and confidence are key in improvisational comedy, and Big Fork have that in spades. The cast were obviously having a good time, and they were not above giggling at themselves, but they never let this derail the skit or detract from their work.

Due to the spontaneous nature of improv, and the fact that the performers don’t know the song list before the show, no two After Hours: Singalong performances will be the same and this is what makes improv so interesting and exciting to be part of.

For ticketing and further information, visit the Big Fork Theatre website


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