What’s On: The Radioplay Hour: A Christmas Carol (The Drama Merchant)


The Radioplay Hour: A Christmas Carol

Bankfoot House, Sunshine Coast – 13 December

Gold Coast Little Theatre, Southport – 18 December

Preece House, Nerang – 20 & 21 December.

Charles Dickens’ holiday classic comes to life as a ‘live’ 1940s radio broadcast, complete with a vintage commercial, costumes, a little audience participation, and the magic of live sound effects.

After performing The Radioplay Hour: Little Women as part of Anywhere Festival in May, The Drama Merchant returns to Bankfoot House with The Radioplay Hour: A Christmas Carol. Nathan Schulz has been whisking audiences back to the golden age of radio drama with The Radioplay Hour throughout the year.

“I have found performing The Radioplay Hour a rewarding experience with many audiences, it is like performing an audio book performed live. I love watching the audience either close their eyes and imagine they are in a living room in the 1930’s or 40’s, or be captivated by myself and the performers doing various things on stage ranging from acting, singing and of course sound effects,” said Schulz.

“When Charles Dickens presented this story to the world, almost a hundred years ago, he found an instant response in the hearts of people everywhere. People saw in it their favourite fictional chronicle of what Christmas is, and what Christmas means. From first printing, reading, or watching “A Christmas Carol” has become an unbroken tradition each Christmas,” he said.

For ticketing and further information, visit The Drama Merchant website.



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