What’s On: I Often Find That I Am Naked (Rouge Theatre Co)


I Often Find That I Am Naked

17 & 18 July 2019

Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley

Rouge Theatre Company present their first production, I Often Find That I am Naked by Brisbane artist Fiona Sprott. The work was originally showcased at Metro Arts Theatre, starring the playwright.

The show is a darkly comic journey through the mayhem and madness of Jezebel’s sexually-charged take on life (which feels increasingly difficult), love (or the lack of it), fame (or something like it) and fortune (how else could she afford her cocktail habit?). Jezebel is a modern woman of the Sex and the City generation grappling with the dilemma of managing her career, her partying, and her loneliness between bouts of excessive sexual ‘intimacy’.


For ticketing and further information, visit the Rouge Theatre Co website.

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