Out of the Bottle – wine tasting reimagined


Where? Baedeker Wine Bar, 111 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley
When? 7.30pm July 14, August 11, September 8, October 13m November 10
How much? $85 per person
Do you fancy yourself a wine snob? Got a competitive streak? Maybe you just like a nice glass of wine or six? Interactive entertainment and education company Directors of the Extraordinary have teamed up with Baedeker Wine Bar to deliver a monthly evening of competitive wine tasting in Fortitude Valley’s newest wine room so you can find out if you’re really smarter than the average bear when it comes to vino.
Attendees will participate in six rounds of blind wine tasting, and answer a series of multiple choice questions about each wine on their tablet with the aim of identifying each wine’s features, from aroma and flavour to the perfect chees pairing. The scoring system is tiered based on the accuracy of your answers, and a live leaderboard will keep track on the night. Information is provided about the questions, so attendees can learn a little more about wine, whether they are amateurs or old hands.
The cost of a ticket covers the six rounds of tasting wines curated by Baedeker, as well as antipasto cheese and meat boards, an individual tablet for use at the event, dedicated host and staff, as well as entertainment facilitated by Directors of the Extraordinary.
Obviously, due to the venue and nature of the event it is strictly 18+. Tickets are available through Eventbrite here or you can read more on the website.



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