Special Guest for American Idiot – Good Riddance!

Dobbo prepares for his big moment at the Dress Rehearsal


Luke Bradnam and Ben “Dobbo” Dobbin from Brisbane’s Triple M radio station are Green Day fans, it turns out – and one of them has won the right to share the stage with the all-star cast in tonight’s performance!

After auditioning for the show’s Music Director Glenn Moorehouse and superstar Sarah McLeod, it was ultimately Dobbo that came out on top. If you’re seeing tonight’s (Apr-17) show at the Playhouse, you’ll be able to spot him singing ‘Good Riddance’ in the finale. But fame is fleeting – he’ll be back on air with Luke & Libby for The Rush Hour tomorrow.
Read more about American Idiot AU here with our full review. You can book tickets to the show, playing 13-21 April, through the QPAC website.

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