Bar Merlo, University of Queensland

Where? Bar Merlo, University of Queensland, St Lucia
When? 4-8pm every Friday night
Under the Duhig Building at UQ (I’m a QUT girl, but who can go past all that gorgeous sandstone?) the Merlo Coffee café is transformed to kickstart your weekends or chill out after class.
Covered indoor and outdoor seating, live music and fairy lights give the café a funky vibe as the sun sets. Sit under the beautiful big trees, take a deep breath, enjoy the jacarandas (it’s that time of year!).

We had excellent service, the music was fantastic, but nothing could top those espresso martinis – the perfect blend of creamy and coffee, just the right amount of kick. Delicious food as well – share plates, and the margherita pizza was to die for! Beer, wine and cider are also available but I would recommend the espresso martinis. They’re the best I’ve ever had, but try them out and make your own decision (everyone has an internal ranking system for espresso martinis and pizza, right? That’s not just me?)


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