Trent Dalton, Tim McGarry, and Boy Swallows Universe (Queensland Theatre)

As part of the launch of Queensland Theatre’s 2020 Season, I spoke with Trent Dalton, author of bestselling novel Boy Swallows Universe, and Tim McGarry, who is adapting the novel for the stage. Boy Swallows Universe is set in Brisbane in the 80s, and it has a very distinct sense of place and time. How... Continue Reading →

Boy Swallows Universe will take to the Queensland Theatre stage in 2020

In a hugely exciting coup, Queensland Theatre has secured the rights for the world premiere season of the stage version of Brisbane-born author Trent Dalton’s award-winning and much acclaimed debut novel, Boy Swallows Universe, to be produced with Brisbane Festival. Queensland Theatre’s Artistic Director Sam Strong will direct an adaptation by Tim McGarry, premiering as part of Queensland... Continue Reading →

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